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      ●  Employment concept 

         Honest and trustworthy, cooperation and enterprising.

         The company measures talents with "morality first" and adheres to the principle of "being virtuous but not talented, whose virtue is usable, and talented but not virtuous, whose talent is hard   to use".

      ●  Recruitment principles   

         Follow the principles of openness, fairness, competition, and selection of the best.

      ●  Training

        "What kind of training opportunities can the company provide for employees?" This may be one of the most concerned topics when new employees enter the company.

       But we often ask the other way around, "What kind of training do you want the company to give you?"

       From the day when employees join the company, the company will send such a message: Personal growth must first have independent and clear growth goals. Only when you have a goal can you know your own shortcomings, and then you can know what resources to use and what abilities to hone. 

       Amplly has always attached great importance to staff training and development, and actively strives to create a simple and pleasant learning environment. The company's training is not only to help employees be qualified for their own jobs, but also to guide employees and their teams to prepare for future development and possible opportunities.

      ●  Amplly Type of training

         Basic and popular training (language, system application, personal skill development courses)

         Technical and professional training (professional knowledge and business skills advanced courses)

         In various training courses, company culture and philosophy of handling have been incorporated into the learning content visibly and invisibly, and the code of conduct that Ampli has been adhering to "make everything impeccable" has been well spread and inherited.

      Xiamen Amplly Co., Ltd.

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